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Our goal is to stay in touch with changes in products so we can offer you the most current information available.


Come on, let's meet the crew:

**Teena-- Is the Mother Hen of the store. She oversees everything that goes on. She orders all the supplies and keeps the shelves well stocked.  If you can't find something you're looking for she's the one to see. If it's information or advice you're looking for just ask her, she's the one that'll have the answers for you. Teena is usually in the store at all times. Teena is owned by 7 Congo African Grey's, Squiggy, Zoey, Guido ,Albert, Barney, Amy ,Gertrude , her  Severe Macaw Stella,  her Senegal Otis,2 Cape Parrot's Rosie & Bunny 

**Lisa helps keep things rolling and clean in the store,she is also very knowledgeable about birds and all their needs.She is owned by 2 Congo African Greys Morgan and Bella ,Hahns Macaw Lucy,a hybred named Duskin in addition to a halfmoon Buddy,Little Guy her Dusky Conure & Parrotlet Tweety

**Rocky-- He keeps all the delivery people in line and puts on a show for everyone that leaves the store.

**Hunter--  Sorry to tell you all,we lost Hunter on March 1st ".We all miss him very much!He was 14 & hopefully we gave him a good few years !!!!!!! His replacement is Dee-Dee she has a long way to go to fill his paws but she is trying !!!! 

**Duke-- He's the resident African Grey.  He's always there to wave hi and do a little dance with you.  But be sure to keep your distance he's a bit cranky at times.*****Cookie is now also a permanent fixture she is also a Congo 19 yrs old,and never shuts up!!!

**Jack--Jack guards the big aviary door, to get in you must pass him.