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When purchasing an unweaned baby (still hand-feeding), we require 50% down.
The bird must be paid in full before it leaves the store.
During the time it is being hand fed we encourage the new owner to come as often as they can to visit & bond with the new baby.

If you don't see what you're looking for,
we can order it for you.
Contact us at 1-518-432-9674.

We now have available, but of course not limited to:

Red Sided Eclectus Parrot (Female)

Unweaned      (qty.1)


Unweaned      (qty.8) ALL SOLD


Unweaned       (qt. 6)

Hand-Tamed Parakeets

Weaned          (qty.1)

Unweaned       (qty. 4)

Untamed Parakeets

Weaned          (qty. 8)


Weaned          (qty. 6)

Unweaned      (qty. 4)


Consignment "CONSIGNMENT": Birds that can no longer be kept by their current owner. This could be for several reasons including limited time, health, job requirements, etc. Everyone needs a good home, call us and inquire, maybe we have, or know of, that special bird just for you.

It's not unusual for those looking for new homes for their birds to request a "re-homing fee" (usually far less that what was originally paid). This is to ensure that the party is truly interested in providing a good home. Adoptee's may or may not bring their own cage. 

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