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We'll birdy-sit the kids to allow you to take off and enjoy yourself with out having to worry. We are able to supply cages if you cannot and most everything else needed for your babies PLUS lots of TLC(you should bring a few favorite toys to make your bird feel more at home)  If you didn't purchase your  bird from us you will need a health certificate from your vet; the health and well-being of everyone is our main concern. If you have any questions or need to make reservations please call us at 518-432-9674.

All rates are based on a daily basis.

Petite Parrots:

Parakeets                                                  $8.50

Cockatiels & Small Conures                        $10.50

Small Parrots:

Senegal,Meyers etc.                                   $11.50

Medium Parrots: 

Timneh Grey's, Congo Grey's, Amazons       $14.00
Goffin Cockatoos, medium Macaws            

Large Parrots:

Macaws,  Cockatoos                                   $18.00

Special care needs are $1.50 extra.
PLEASE call to make sure we have a full staff!!!!


We groom between 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Please call first to make sure we have a full staff on hand (1-518-432-9674).
We are able to perform all basic grooming essentials.

                   Wings                Nails                 Both

Petite            $8.00              $12.00              $20.00

Small            $12.00            $15.00              $25.00

Medium         $15.00            $20.00              $33.00

Large            $25.00            $35.00              $55.00



Price depends on the condition and shape of beak being trimmed.
Prices start at $15.